Meet the Provider: Vicki Ahlgren

Vicki Ahlgren

Medical Aesthetician & Certified Laser Technician

Starting her journey in the beauty industry in 1989, Vicki Ahlgren spent 12 years as a cosmetologist before transitioning into the field of medical aesthetics. Now, with more than 15 years in the field, Vicki is a certified laser technician and a renowned medical aesthetician in the Billings area. But that doesn’t mean Vicki is happy standing still; she loves continually improving and expanding her knowledge base in aesthetics procedures.

Read on for a Q & A with Vicki Ahlgren.

What services do you provide at Premier Aesthetics?

I do facials, microneedling, PRF, Halo, lasering, and hair removal.

Why do you love what you do?

I love helping people. I love taking things that bother them and being able to help them either take it away or make it better. Confidence. It gives them confidence and I love seeing that.

What is your favorite treatment that you offer?

I honestly love them all. But I think my favorite is microneedling with PRF. I love the downtime. It’s very easy. The treatment itself is pretty comfortable and provides great results.

What is PRF microneedling?

During the treatment you have a numbing agent on. It’s micro baby needles that go over the skin to create little channels so that when you do PRF, which stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin, which is basically stem cells, it penetrates into your skin. What that does for you is that it helps with texture, tone, pore size, maturity, and gives you a nice glow to your skin.

What are some typical results that you have seen patients say they’ve received from a PRF treatment?

They have a beautiful glow to their skin. If they had any pigment, it would be less. If they had acne scarring, it would be lighter and it would be lessened, and then the downtime is the big one because it’s not much downtime.

Tell us about your medical background and how you arrived here at Premier.

20 years ago, Dr. Tallman, who was a dermatologist here in Billings, opened a spa. I happened to walk in and take a tour and get a job there and he actually trained me on the lasers. He took the time to explain everything to me and that’s what gave me my start. I worked with him for 16 years and learned everything I could learn from him and then he retired and Dr. Muskett and Dr. Grosso gave me the opportunity to come over here with them. I love it! Now I’ve learned even more being here at Premier with the team of people that we have.

Are you able to customize treatments for your patients?

The first thing I ask somebody is if they’re allergic to anything. I ask them if they have sensitive skin and I ask them what they would say their concerns are so that I can help address them. The products that I choose would be specifically for that person’s skin type and needs. What they are specifically looking for.

When you’re not providing excellent care to Premier’s patients, how do you spend your free time?

I have a special needs daughter that I try to be very involved in Special Olympics with. I also have a son in Bozeman going to college, so I try to drive up there and take him to lunch and not linger. If I ever have free time, I love to read a book.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation or appointment with Vicki Ahlgren, please call 406-794-0003.

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