Meet the Provider: Stephanie Morup

Stephanie Morup

The Power of Optimizing Hormones 

Premier Aesthetics is thrilled to introduce our newest provider, Stephanie Morup. Stephanie specializes in hormone optimization and healthy aging. If you’re feeling fatigued, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, cognitive decline or have noticed a decrease in libido, Stephanie’s hormone optimization might be for you. 

When Stephanie Morup’s not at Premier or at our local VA Clinic providing orthopedic care for our veterans, she is in the gym with her husband adhering to her own advice. Read on for a Q & A with Premier’s newest provider. 

What services do you provide at Premier Aesthetics?

I will be providing hormone replacement therapy for both men and women.  First I will test a patient’s hormone levels.  Based on lab results and how a person is feeling, I will then prescribe hormone therapy to help the patient achieve a healthy balance and hormone optimization.  My ultimate goal is to help my patients enjoy a more vibrant and healthy life.

Tell us about your medical background and how you arrived here at Premier?

As a physician’s assistant in Florida, I  practiced in general surgery and pediatric neurosurgery and trauma.  My husband and I moved back to Montana in 2004 where I began my career in orthopedics.  I continue to provide general orthopedic care for our veterans and assist in orthopedic trauma at the Billings Clinic.  I am excited to be joining Premier Aesthetics because I have always wanted to help people improve their quality of life as they age. 

Stephanie Morup: Why do you love what you do? 

During my years of practice I have seen my patients suffer from diseases that may have been prevented by healthy lifestyle choices.  I believe by optimizing my patients’ hormones we can help maximize their quality of life as they age.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

With hormone replacement therapy I have the opportunity to help my patients enjoy a more fulfilled life, either with their partner or as an individual, at any age.   

Hormone optimization is an extremely important part of your daily routine to feel more energetic and fantastic.  At the age of 50 and feeling great, I am living proof that hormone optimization works.    

What is something people might be surprised to hear about hormone deficiency?

There appears to be some misconceptions that hormone replacement can be detrimental.  With proper professional guidance, research has shown that hormonal deficiency associated with aging can be no different than that of a younger person with hormonal imbalance. So how are they now all of a sudden bad for us? 

How is hormone replacement beneficial to the aging process?

Society is entering a new way of thinking and the medical community is starting to embrace the privilege of aging.  We are entering an era that embraces the idea that some of our best years are enjoyed after 50. By combining healthy eating, regular exercise and hormone therapy, a person can feel great at any age.  

How can someone know if they are a good candidate for hormone replacement?

Most likely if you’re here it’s because you’re fatigued, your libido is down, you’re just not feeling 100 percent even though you’ve been told that everything is “normal.”  The next step is where I come in to check your hormone levels, do a physical exam and customize a program that optimizes your hormones to improve your quality of life.

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