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Getting Your Hormone Health Back on Track

Fatigue, depression, decreased libido, loss of hair…and the list goes on. Premier Aesthetics’ Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist, Stephanie Morup, has seen what hormone dysfunction can do to a body — both men and women. Now, she’s fighting tirelessly to guide her clients towards better overall hormone health. The first step? Education.

“Hormone health is important,” Stephanie says, “because it helps not only just how we function and feel, but it will protect you in so many ways. My best example is if you have a vehicle — a car — for example, you just don’t change the oil. It needs gas. It needs lubricants, and the bolts and all those types of things. It’s the same thing with hormones. When you look at the whole body, you can’t just fix one thing. You have to look at the person as a whole. What are their symptoms? Is there depression? Is there anxiety? Is there decreased libido? Are they having hot flashes? Is there dysfunction that is progressively worsening, and we need, as a society, to realize that we have to do all these things. We can’t just treat these illnesses as they come about, maybe try to halt them before they occur by keeping us healthy.”

Stephanie says both women and men can experience fatigue, dry, brittle skin, loss of hair, and have difficulty losing weight with thyroid hypo-function. She says a hypo-functioning thyroid does not necessarily mean a person has hypothyroidism; it just means they’re not functioning at an optimal level.

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, what should you do? We would encourage you to request an appointment with Stephanie. You’ll start by filling out a patient intake form that includes information about your medical background. Then you’ll discuss with Stephanie how you’re feeling and go over some potential options before a full exam. After the exam, Stephanie will likely order labs before formulating a treatment plan specifically for you.

“The ultimate goal that I’m trying to achieve with my clients and patients,” Stephanie said, “is that they feel better and that they get their life back.”

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience in medicine, working with surgeons while providing patient care in Orthopedic Trauma. By providing exemplary care and utilizing evidence-based medicine, Stephanie’s goal is to help patients realize you don’t have to grow old, you can start growing young. She is passionate about the benefits HRT provides in promoting wellness, not only for herself but for her community, and she’s dedicated to helping people be able to live their best lives.

If you would like to make an appointment with Stephanie, please call 406-794-0003 or send us a direct message on our Facebook page.

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